Auto-Generates Work Orders – TireVigil™ TPMS automatically delivers an Active Issues Report for each fleet location. This report acts as a work order for service technicians since it lists all the vehicles at each location that have tire problems. It provides the last known location of the vehicle, the wheel position of the problem tire, describes the problem and advises the technician of the proper pressure to which the tires should be inflated.

Most fleets schedule this report to be delivered early in the morning so repairs can be made before the vehicles set out on the road. Fleets with multiple shifts schedule delivery of this report before each shift starts. Fleets that utilize tire dealers to service their vehicles at night or on weekends provide this report to them to ensure problem tires are found and addressed. Reports can be delivered to anyone who receives e-mail.

TireVigil™ TPMS also provides Vehicle Auto Regrouping which relocates vehicles in different fleet locations automatically as they run across the country. This supports fleets with multiple yards/terminals and enables these vehicles to have alerts transmitted and be included in reports sent to locations that can provide service to them.