Tire Servicing App - TireVigil™ TPMS includes a Servicing App that makes maintaining vehicles with TireVigil™ TPMS a snap. This technician friendly and intuitive software provides easy access to vehicle information even before the vehicle enters the garage. It provides the cold inflation pressures of all the tires on the vehicle, so gauging tires manually is a thing of the past. If a vehicle has a problem tire, the Servicing App provides specific service instructions for correcting the problem. The technician can also see at a glance if any other tire’s pressure should be adjusted if it is not at optimum pressure which saves time and labor too.

The TireVigil™ Servicing App takes the complexity of maintaining the TPMS on the vehicle. It eliminates the need to manually reprogram sensors and in-cab displays when tires are changed or rotated. This high-tech TPMS is kept up-to-date through the cloud. And the Servicing App can be used on any Internet connected device or phone.

The TireVigil™ Servicing App is used to record and activate all TPMS hardware when the system is first installed on the vehicle as well as record tire service events. Tires can easily be changed and rotated by moving the tires in the Servicing App to update the new location of the TPMS sensors. The vehicle does not even have to be available to do this since nothing has to be reprogrammed on the vehicle.

All service events are recorded in the Servicing App which also provides the name of the technician or location that the work was performed and accountability for that work. Instead of simply trusting that tire service was performed correctly, you can use the servicing App to verify it was needed, performed, and done to your specifications without having to physically check the tires on the vehicle. The Servicing App also automatically identifies and assigns a sensor a wheel position if a technician forgets to assign a position to a sensor.

The TireVigil™ Servicing App is also used to confirm wheel nut retorque checks, set vehicle mileage-based reminders for retorque checks and PMs, and perform diagnostics on the TireVigil™ TPMS system to determine if a sensor battery is low, a component is not working or is missing.