Vehicle Mapping and Tracking – TireVigil™ goes beyond just providing you with visibility of your fleet’s tires. It also provides you with the ability to see where your vehicles are and where they have been.

Through the Servicing App TireVigil™ TPMS enables you to chose a period of time and see the route your vehicle took. You can see if it was at a specific location and how long it was there. If you receive complaints from motorists over safety issues, you can check to see if your vehicle was actually at that location. You can check the speed of the vehicle and whether the engine was running or the ignition was turned off.

By clicking on the location link, you will go to Google Maps to see the location on a map or obtain the satellite view of the area.

TireVigil™ TPMS eliminates the need to subscribe to a separate vehicle tracking service since it is included in this amazing product and provides vehicle location visibility to answer: Where is it now? Where has it been? Distance to the closest tire service center or customer? Route to get there? This saves cost but still provides your fleet with the visibility of its tires and vehicles that is required to compete in today’s transportation market and meet customer demands.