Partnership expands the availability of TireVigil™ TPMS throughout Mexico

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI (May 13, 2014) - TireStamp, Inc. announced that Teniko, Sa has signed a Reseller Partner Agreement to immediately begin marketing its TireVigil™ TPMS products to commercial truck, bus, and mining fleets in Mexico.

Tire Maintenance Experts will evaluate maintenance facilities and personnel for equipment and procedures to improve productivity and tire and wheel maintenance

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI (May 10, 2013) -TireStamp Inc. announced that its staff of tire and wheel maintenance experts will provide consulting services to fleet clients that want to improve their tire and wheel maintenance and reduce their costs.

Recognized for innovation and ability to improve a fleet’s bottom line

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI (February 11, 2013)

TireStamp’s new TPMS 2.0 product, TireVigil™ TPMS, which was introduced to the market in 2012 has won Heavy Duty Trucking magazine’s HDT ’13 Top 20 Product award. The award will be presented to TireStamp at the Annual Meeting of the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) on March 13, 2013 and is honored in the February issue of HDT magazine.

The First TPMS 2.0 System with Features Specifically Designed for Commercial Tire Dealers

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI (December 4, 2012)

TireStamp Inc. has released its upgraded, cloud based TireVigil™ Servicing APP with features specifically designed for commercial tire dealers who provide services to TireVigil™ TPMS equipped fleets. These features enable servicing dealers to have information on tire problems way in advance of their failure so that they can plan and schedule service, respond quickly, efficiently, and with the right equipment before sending out technicians and service trucks.