Recognized for innovation and ability to improve a fleet’s bottom line

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI (February 11, 2013)

TireStamp’s new TPMS 2.0 product, TireVigil™ TPMS, which was introduced to the market in 2012 has won Heavy Duty Trucking magazine’s HDT ’13 Top 20 Product award. The award will be presented to TireStamp at the Annual Meeting of the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) on March 13, 2013 and is honored in the February issue of HDT magazine.


TireVigil™ TPMS was selected as one of this year’s Best of the Best new products from hundreds of products and services introduced in the pages of HDT magazine and on between December 2011 and November 2012 by an esteemed panel of judges. The winners were chosen by HDT’s editors, HDT’s four 2012 Truck Fleet Innovators, and a panel of five veteran, fleet maintenance professionals who are members of TMC.

HDT’s Top 20 selections were judged on their innovation, ability to address top industry issues and their potential to improve a fleet’s bottom line through maintenance savings, improvements in safety or efficiency, etc. “TireStamp is thrilled to have TireVigil™ TPMS recognized by such a knowledgeable panel of judges as an innovative and cutting edge, TPMS 2.0 product fleets can use to slash their operating costs, optimize their driver and mechanic productivity and improve safety” said Peggy Fisher, TireStamp’s President.

TireVigil™ TPMS alerts fleet personnel to developing tire problems long before tires are ruined or vehicles are stranded on the side of the road, ticketed, or put out of service at roadside inspections. In addition to issuing alerts for underinflation, overinflation, overheating, and differences in dual tire pressure, reminders are also issued to recheck wheel nut torque after a tire change and for Preventive Maintenance Inspections. These alerts can not only prevent tire damage but will also prevent wheel-offs and tire fires resulting from frozen bearings and dragging brakes. All alert and reminder thresholds are customized by the fleet so that they meet the fleet’s specific requirements and can be easily and quickly changed if desired with a click of a mouse.

TireVigil™ alerts and reports can be sent to anyone the fleet chooses including its tire dealer/service provider who has an iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone, tablet, or other Internet connected device. Not only does TireVigil™ TPMS deliver remote tire diagnostics, but it also provides fleets with the location of their vehicles and visibility on vehicle speed, idling, and ignition on/off status. In addition, It can track the mileage a vehicle runs in each state which is essential in preparing fuel tax reports as well as records the mileage each tire runs underinflated or overheated which is invaluable for determining tire retreadability.

TireVigil™ TPMS sends tire and vehicle data to TireStamp’s cloud-based servers that store and analyze it so fleet managers can obtain visibility of the state of all the tires in their fleet, not just the tires on one vehicle at a time. They can see how well tires are being maintained at various locations, and identify garages, outside tire service providers, and even specific technicians that are not responding quickly or properly to address tire problems. It also provides work orders for each fleet location with wheel positions on each vehicle that need attention along with instructions for resolving the problems.

About TireStamp
TireStamp is the leading TPMS 2.0 tire monitoring and tire asset management systems supplier to commercial fleets and tire companies in North America. As an asset intelligence company utilizing a cloud-based business model, TireStamp provides expertise on tires and their effects on commercial fleet operational costs, tire program management, asset management, and other critical performance data that enable fleets to reduce tire and fuel costs in addition to improving productivity and safety. TireVigil™ TPMS and TireVigil™ TPMS TRAILER are available directly through TireStamp or through leading commercial tire dealers.