Tire Maintenance Experts will evaluate maintenance facilities and personnel for equipment and procedures to improve productivity and tire and wheel maintenance

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI (May 10, 2013) -TireStamp Inc. announced that its staff of tire and wheel maintenance experts will provide consulting services to fleet clients that want to improve their tire and wheel maintenance and reduce their costs.

The company unveiled three new services that it will provide:

  1. Tire Maintenance Facility Evaluation – TireStamp experts will evaluate a fleets’ or a fleet’s outside service provider’s maintenance facility to determine if it is correctly equipped for proper tire maintenance.  This includes evaluating the building’s air system for adequate capacity, plumbing requirements to ensure moisture free air and lubrication to pneumatic tools, proper care and storage of impact and torque wrenches, federally required safety equipment, inventory of proper tools and materials for work performed, and proper maintenance of all tire-related service equipment. Evaluation of the fleet’s retread shop and wheel refinishing supplier is also included. Recommendations will also be made to increase productivity and efficiency.

  2. Tire Maintenance Processes and Procedures Evaluation – TireStamp truck tire maintenance experts will evaluate the processes and procedures used within the facility and/or by the fleet’s tire service providers to ensure the proper tire maintenance procedures are being followed for tire mounting/demounting, tire inflation, tire repair, wheel maintenance, retreading, tire/wheel assembly installation on vehicles, scrap tire analysis, etc. and that all safety procedures are followed. Recommendations will also be made to eliminate tire/wheel-related problems and increase productivity and efficiency.

  3. Tire and Wheel Maintenance/Servicing Training – According to OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.177, any employee that handles truck tries and wheels must receive safety training and demonstrate their ability to perform the necessary tasks prior to performing tire service work.  TireStamp’s certified Tire Industry Association (TIA) Instructor will train tire technicians and mechanics in the required procedures for servicing tire/wheel assemblies as required by OSHA.  Training includes the use of TIA videos, hands-on as well as written tests, and provides the fleet with written proof that each person has been trained.

According to Peggy Fisher, President of TireStamp, “There are many tire manufacturer and tire dealer representatives that can provide fleets with scrap tire analysis services but very few know and really understand the maintenance facility equipment requirements and correct processes that fleets should employ to get the optimum performance from their tire and wheels while working under the demands of the fleet’s Operations.  Our staff has over 60 years experience working in fleet environments and we are not afraid to advise fleets that are missing out on opportunities to improve their tire maintenance programs and reduce their costs.” 

TireVigil™ TPMS can go a long to helping fleets reduce their tire problems by providing them with visibility of issues long before they become problems and is a fantastic part of any good tire maintenance program.  But having the equipment and processes in place to perform tire maintenance correctly is critical to ensuring optimum performance is attained and safety is ensured.

For more information about TireStamp Consulting Services see www.tirestamp.com or call TireStamp directly at (248) 373-0312.

About TireStamp
TireStamp is the leading TPMS 2.0 tire monitoring and tire asset management systems supplier to commercial fleets, tire and commercial vehicle OEMs in North America. As an asset intelligence company utilizing  a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, TireStamp provides expertise on tires and their effects on commercial fleet operational costs, tire program management, asset management and other critical performance data that enable fleets to reduce tire and fuel costs in addition to improving productivity and safety. TireVigil™ TPMS is available directly through TireStamp or through leading commercial tire dealers.